concile Ω100

A POCT device for quantification of lateral flow assays

A POCT device for quantification of lateral flow assays using analysis of a CCD image of the control and test lines.

The concile Ω100 is a novel device for immediate point-of-care diagnosis (POCT) in the office laboratory. Because of its built-in high-performance battery, decentralized use on hospital wards, during home visits and in rescue vehicles is also possible. Test results can be printed out using the plug-in thermal printer. The integrated storage unit can store up to 3,500 patient data records. Measurement data can be transferred to a computer across a USB cable using the accompanying software, Patient Data Viewer. The included test cassettes are identified with barcodes on their underside. The accompanying calibration data for the test is provided on an SD card. As a result, the device is calibration-free for the user. As an option, an integrated timer function can delay the test incubation; measurement will still take place fully automatically. The device meets the requirements for a device for immediate point-of-care diagnosis with unit-use reagents in the Guidelines for Quality Assurance of Medical Laboratory Examinations of the German Medical Association (RiLiBÄK).

  • Analytic device for quantification of various biomarkers
  • For office practice, home visits, ambulatory care, emergency medical vehicles
  • Test results obtainable in 15 minutes
  • Rapid, easy, mobile

Control sample sets, each with 2 concentration grades:

  • h-FABP-Control
  • cTnI-Control
  • hs-CRP-Control
  • CRP-Control

Technical Data:

  • Weight 800g
  • Dimensions 210mm x 130mm x 70mm
  • 4.3 inch TFT color display
  • 8h battery life


  • RS323 interface (printer)
  • USB (computer connection)
  • SD-card slot (for calibration data)

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