concile - the company

Our Business Divisions

 Marketing of innovative products in Germany and Europe: in addition to marketing its own products, concile serves as exclusive distributor for domestic and foreign firms.

concile has its own marketing systems in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro, and also works together with qualified distributors in many other countries.

Consulting for companies with innovative products that would like to be active in the German market: concile can draw upon a broad network of service providers, experts, and partner firms with their own marketing departments.

With respect to questions about internal processes, such as sales and marketing, concile offers a wide range of experience and know-how for supporting other companies and for pointing out areas where there is potential for improvement.  

Our Strengths

  • Committed employees with extensive experience in the industry sector
  • Competent partners that optimally complement our services
  • Understanding of client needs and expectations
  • Business oriented thinking with a focus on the end-user
  • Medical technology know-how
  • Many years of marketing experience