Quantitative rapid testing on virus marker Neopterin

The new quantitative Neopterin rapid test by concile can help to reduce inadequate use of antibiotics. Neopterin is a non-specific viral marker that is released from macrophages by activation of the immune system via TH1 helper cells. As neopterin is increased in viral infections in contrast to bacterial infections, the rapid test makes it easy […]

Quantitative TSH available for concile reader

Our latest product TSH is now available for the concile® Ω100 reader! The measuring range is from 0.3 to 40 mIU/L. Comparative measurements with a lab machine showed a very high compliance. The new quantitative TSH rapid test enables fast results, for example in cases of suspected over- or underactive thyroid and in therapy monitoring.

New: Rapid Test for Early Detection of Throat Cancer

Infections with HPV16 may not only lead to cervical cancer. They are also a trigger of throat cancer. The number of new cases has increased in recent years. Mainly men are affected. concile now offers Prevo Check®, an innovative rapid test for early detection of HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer. The rapid test has a high specificity […]

Pipeline-Products to be launched in summer

We are constantly working on developing more quantitative rapid tests for the concile® Ω100. Two tests are expected to be available in summer 2016: a new quantitative tumor marker and a new quantitative hormone test.

UBC® Rapid shows high Sensitivity for Cis Tumors

In a German multicenter study, UBC® Rapid detected Cis tumors with a sensitivity of 86.9% and a specificity of 90.9%. The quantitative measurement of the rapid test showed for the patients on average 66 g/l, in healthy control individuals it was 5.9 ug/l. See press release (in German) see Press Release

freies PSA verfügbar

Die Bestimmung des prozentualen Anteils von freiem PSA am Gesamt-PSA erhöht die Spezifität des PSA-Screenings. Jetzt steht für den concile-Reader auch ein quantitativer Schnelltest auf freies PSA für die einfache Bestimmung direkt in der Praxis zur Verfügung. Zur Presseinformation